Our Values

Our commitment

We show our commitment to the planet through the work we do every day. A Baume watch is more than a product; it embodies our mission to design for a better tomorrow. We aim to transform the watchmaking industry into a circular economy and, to achieve that goal, two pillars will guide our actions on a daily basis: Mindfulness and Collective Intelligence.
For us it is not only about complying with regulations to say we’re ethical. Ethics are at the heart of our watches. They are the outcome of extensive work guided by a commitment to reduce our environmental impact. By never using precious stones or leather, creating a responsible supply chain that respects humans and reduces waste, designing recyclable packaging, and collaborating with thoughtful partners, we demonstrate that we are committed to do great things for a better tomorrow.

By adopting a made-to-order approach, we minimize our environmental footprint. Upcycled from multiple materials, the Iconic watch illustrates our commitment to mindful design, demonstrating that is indeed possible to reinvent waste into a beautiful, highly durable product while also cutting our CO2 emissions, maximizing our positive impact on the planet.
The well-being of our people is a priority for us. Offering great working conditions, our offices are located on an environmentally-friendly campus that is certified in biodiversity preservation and where 50% of the cement used is recycled.
With the right partners, we can achieve greater things. A positive work environment and responsible sourcing of materials are just two of the elements that distinguish our suppliers. We aim to work with suppliers to further reduce their CO2 emissions in the future.

Natural materials

We use sustainable natural materials such as cork and linen. Cork is harmless to the oak tree when extracted, and every part of the flax plant is used to produce linen, leaving nothing wasted.

Recycled and recyclable

We use recyclable materials, such as aluminium, for our cases. The cardboard in our packaging is FSC-certified and can be reused or recycled into paper.


Upcycled materials are an essential part of our mission. We aim to give life to previously discarded materials – our Iconic watch, made of recycled PET, is an example of this. We’re always searching for partners to enable us to innovate and eliminate waste.

Mindful production

Our products are the result of a mindful production process that minimises waste. Our goal is to work with suppliers to reduce 25% of their CO2 emissions.

No waste

We’re increasing our waste reduction efforts. Our objective is to incorporate reusable containers into our manufacturing process and move to 100% recycled paper. The commitment of our suppliers forms an essential part of this.

Closing the Loop

We aim to create a circular system that finds a new life for recovered products and materials. Our customers will be able to return their Baume watch at the end of its life, enabling us to recycle the parts.

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BAUME is convinced on the power of a collaboration to achieve greater things. We are always looking for partners that want to build with us a better tomorrow.