The 41MM watch with the Moonphase complication

December 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland

The twisted version of the oldest way of guiding path

The Moonphase complication is one of the oldest watchmaking movement. There was a time where the only time-spots that men had to cut out seasons, months and days where the sun rising and moon descending. The men’s desire to give meaning to the movement of the sun and the moon, gave birth to our well-known seconds, minutes, hours and days. The sun traveled through a path that served to indicate the days while the moon was the only way to know the passage of the seasons. That is how the moon became watchmakers favorite’s “star ”.

Allow yourself to look the best version of yourself

Through the 41MM MOONPHASE CUSTOM TIMEPIECE, Baume reunites its vision to design for a better tomorrow and the old-fashioned way to see how times goes by.

There is no need to choose the 35MM to have the Moonphase complication, our first configurator evolution allows you to fit your 41MM style with the Moonphase complication.
You can customize your watch within choosing between the 2700 permutations available. Start by choosing a movement, then customize your watch with the colors you wish.

Words by Sharon Hori