When organic products come across design: Baume’s vegan straps

November 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland

As our manifesto is to always put design at the service of tomorrow, we wanted our watch straps to be part of its application.

To design them, our Research and Development team sought for natural and recycled fabrics harmless for the earth and with light carbon footprint.
Instead of using regular and exotic leather, precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver that are extracted from earth and can cause soil exhaustion, we choose instead to make use of vegan leather and textile as cotton, cork, Alcantara, linen, vegetable ivory and recycled plastic.

Through mindful, minimalist design, we are emphasizing your own beauty. You become the subject.

The fabric is smashed in order to create threads and is woven together to make fabric with velvet touch such as Alcantara.
By using renewable and highly durable material, as cork and Tagua nut, we continue our mission to design for a better tomorrow.
All the straps are interchangeable in order to match the Baume that fits your daily style, but never to catch the center of attention.

You’ll be able to easily change your strap by unlocking their buttons made with vegetable ivory. All the buttons are made of Tagua nut which looks like elephant’s Ivory but instead, it’s produced naturally from Peruvian jungle. It’s an organic product naturally leaked from trees in high quantity. It’s not over produced and it contributes to the Fairtrade.
The Tagua nut is picked up by local artisans using their savoir-faire for the drying, sanding and staining of the seed. The vegetable ivory is as resistant as real elephant ivory and represents a great alternative that is respectful of the environment and sustainable environment.

Words by Sharon Hori