The iconic series:
Everything you need to know

September 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland

As part of our mission to design mindfully for a better future, we’re constantly working towards a circular economy. We apply a sustainable approach to everything we do – and our Iconic Series is no exception.

ThisIconic Timepiece was imagined with a clear objective: to discover materials that would not only bring a product to life, but also illustrate a way of designing differently.
Still don’t know everything about the Iconic watch? Discover the facts that make our collection unique:

1. It’s the epitome of upcycling
Using recycled aluminum for the watch case means each timepiece is also easily recyclable, therefore ensuring zero waste. The strap is crafted using upcycled PET, demonstrating that it is possible to reinvent plastic waste into a beautiful, durable product.


2. It uses automatic movement
In contrast to our Custom Timepiece series, the Iconic features a Miyota 82D7 automatic movement. This movement offers a 42-hour power reserve to ensure high quality, and also allows us to recycle each part at the end of its life.

3. It’s our signature series
The main goal of the Iconic is to embody Baume’s vision, conveying the core of what we do. We’re always continuing our extensive search to discover recycled materials that enable us to create innovative, mindfully-designed products.

4. It goes beyond style
While we know that plastic is takes centuries to break down, there is good news. It’s possible to give this resource new life by transforming it into objects such as shoes, backpacks, and, of course, the bracelet for your Baume watch. By wearing an Iconic, you’re contributing to waste reduction and, in turn, a better future for our planet.


5. It’s completely recyclable
Each single component of the Iconic watch is recyclable. At the end of its life, we strongly encourage you to return your watch to us in order to recycle all the parts and close the loop.

6. It’s ultra-lightweight
The Iconic watch is super light due to its aluminum case. While many watches on the market are made from steel, silver, or gold, our mindful approach reduces waste while meeting our exacting standards of quality and aesthetics.

Words by Gabriela Rebolledo