Our goal

We believe that great things can be achieved through the power of innovation and collaboration.
We’re partnering with initiatives that share our values, pushing the boundaries to maximize our positive impact on society and the environment. For this reason, we’re donating 2% of our turnover to support the projects of our partners.
We create with a collaborative and objective mindset, determined to perpetually evolve what we do, how we do it and why, and believe we will achieve that by working with like-minded organizations. From NGOs to universities, we’re constantly searching for partners who put people and the planet at the center of their actions.
The challenges of the future are endless. We will be able to address them only if we ensure that our tomorrow is not being compromised.

WFO is an NGO that collects and transforms ocean plastic into innovative products. Partnering with WFO will enable us to raise awareness of ocean conservation and the importance of reducing plastic consumption.
Les Maîtres de Mon Moulin is a company that produces high-quality wheat from ancient seeds. Built on the principles of circular economy, their guidance will enable us to optimize our supply chain and create a responsible business model that truly closes the loop.
We will sponsor the Material Futures MA Course that develops sustainable processes and materials. While supporting young talent that anticipates the challenges of the future, we will find alternative, high-quality materials to use in our watches.

Choose a unique watch


BAUME is the synonym of reinvention, it’s a new way of doing things. We are all about innovation while saving natural resources. Join us in this journey and create a unique sustainable watch that fits your style.