the Iconic

May 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland

Meet the Iconic: the black automatic watch that embodies BAUME’s vision and essence. It represents our constant search to find the right materials, bringing to life not only a product but also our unique way of doing things – now, and in the future.

In everything we do, our goal is to minimize our environmental impact and ultimately contribute to a better tomorrow. Our iconic watch is the symbol of our commitment. We took a different approach to watchmaking by applying the principles of upcycling and recycling.
Inspired by Mother Nature, the Iconic features an automatic movement and a recycled, recyclable aluminum case. Upcycled from PET, the texturized black strap illustrates our commitment to mindful design, demonstrating that is indeed possible to reinvent waste into a beautiful, highly durable product.

The products we design today will shape the world of tomorrow.

Another distinguishing feature is the crown. Designed to sit at the 12 o’clock position, it references the first pocket watches produced by our parent brand Baume & Mercier. Aside from combining history with innovation, moving the crown to the top of the watch also increases comfort for the wearer.

For Baume, the constant research and testing of materials is essential for our quality standards, ensuring the protection of natural resources for generations to come.
Baume is breaking away from the traditional methods of watchmaking, paving a new path towards a circular economy. Our desire? That the industry will follow in our footsteps, enabling us to forge a better future together.

Words by Gabriela Rebolledo
Photography by Seb Secchi