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Baume creates modern timepieces in sustainable, considered materials. Our approach to watchmaking is rooted in our commitment to creating a better future through design. We create with a collaborative and objective mindset, determined to perpetually evolve what we do, how we do it and why.
Baume draws experience and insight from the Richemont Group’s horological expertise, a lineage that enables us to develop innovative, quality timepieces while challenging the conventions of traditional watchmaking.


Baume encourages individuality. We feel that when you find a watch that is a best fit, you're more likely to wear it often and less likely to replace it.

Our Custom Timepiece Series is a fully customizable offering, designed by you through an online configurator with over 2000 permutations. Decide between a 35mm or 41mm case, and then choose components and movements to create unique designs.


Choosing to purchase a product is exactly that, a choice. We create products in the best way we can, which means avoiding the use of exotic materials and precious metals.

When we produce watches, any unused components are recycled or re-used.

The Baume Iconic Series is the expression of our design philosophy. This automatic timepiece is crafted in aluminum (as opposed to traditional steel) with a 100% recycled PET bracelet. It will be released in a variety of materials and colors.


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Responsible thinking

Our sustainable commitment is reflected in everything we do. Our way of reinventing materials and a new approach to watchmaking will allow us to shape a better tomorrow.