BAUME gets into sporty shape for its second Limited Edition Watch

February 2019 – Geneva, Switzerland

Disruptive and visionary, BAUME and ZAG share the same ecological values, based – among others – on the customization and recycling materials.

For this second exclusive collaboration, BAUME has partnered with the French ski brand ZAG, based in Chamonix, which is know for producing free-ride skis.
BAUME launches its second Limited Edition Automatic and upcycled watch, made with ZAG. After unveiling its first collaboration, based on upcycling process, with the legendary skateboarder Erik Ellington and its brand HRS (Human Recreational Services) in October 2018, BAUME continues its development and breaks traditional watchmaking codes by, once again, affirming its willingness to combine innovative design with sustainable consciousness.
In order to shape this Limited Edition watch, ZAG provided BAUME with ski material scraps. Those pieces have been processed in order to make watch cases out of them.

As a extension of the watch, BAUME and ZAG wanted to create a dedicated ski pair: the ski ZAG x BAUME type H-95.

The watch is delivered with two SEAQUAL (R) recycled PET straps and cork embedded. This SEAQUAL (R) fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles . The bottles have been sorted, recycled and transformed into fabric. The wood case made of ski-scraps symbolizes BAUME & ZAG principles of revalorization and circular economy, two foundations that are today an integral part of the values of luxury.

Words by Sharon Hori