October 2018 – Geneva, Switzerland

Skates are vectors of freedom, liberty and fastness. The willing to always go further and deeper. That’s what brought us to Baume HRS Limited Edition Watch

The first contact between Erik Ellington and Baume’s creative team was at the Baume House during summer 2018 (to read more about Baume’s house here).
For the special occasion, Baume invested a house for several weeks and took the time to get to know better all their guests.
Once talking with Erik Ellington and his friends, it appeared as an evidence for Baume to bring their forces together to shape their principles in a project that will combine Baume’s equity & design and HRS’s world.

This watches were made with Erik Ellington and his friend’s old skateboards, which confer them a special aura.

As one of Baume’s main goal is to always minimize our environmental impact, we are picky on sourcing and are keen on using the upcycling principle, which allows to give a second life to old skates and turn them into fine premium products.

By working with this smashed maple woods skateboards, the aim was to extract the beauty of the skates and to turn their used marks into beauty claws. Each skate is unique and have a special combination of colors, those colored layers are wrapped in black polished lugs. This watch emphasizes the collaboration with a new universe and represents Baume’s constant envy to go further.

Words by Sharon Hori